North South Young Entrepreneurs Society (NSU YES!) is the leading business club, established in 1995 under the department School of Business and Economics of North South University. Since its inception, the student-run organization has committed itself to lay the foundation for ambitious undergraduate students to cultivate a sense of ethical leadership and entrepreneurial mindset through various events. 

“Masters of Ideation”, “Ad Maker Bangladesh”, and “NSUers Meet Corporate Icons”, “Entrepret”, “Venturative” and “Escalate” are the landmark events of NSU YES! The club also inaugurated the philanthropic event “Corporate Insights” to help the indigents. 

NSU YES! does not solely focus on organizing events but also on the growth of its members through insightful member development programs (MDPs) and leadership development programs (LDPs) to help develop unique skill-sets and equip them for a professional career.

NSU YES! has bridged the gap between business undergraduates and the corporate world most successfully. The club enables the students to experience, in real-time, the corporate world and imbues them with a competitive edge helping them unleash their true potential


December 18, 2020

2nd Runner up of Brandrill 2020, NSU YES!’s Team Undisputed

Congratulating Team Undisputed comprised of Sub-Executive Body members, Shihabuzzaman Mollick, Mohammad Farhan and Arshad Chowdhury alongside Momotaz Rahman Megha from NSUDC for securing their position as the 2nd runner...
December 18, 2020

Congratulating the new Director of Student Affairs

NSUYES! extends its heartiest congratulations to Dr. Gour Gobindo Goswami, Sir, on being appointed the new Director of Student Affairs, of North South University and wishes him a successful...
December 18, 2020

Campus Ambassador for Reckitt Benckiser

NSU YES! Is pleased to present one of its most admirable Senior Members, Abrar Mahir Ahmed as the Campus Ambassador of Reckitt Benckiser, Bangladesh, one of the leading Multinational...
November 27, 2020

Campus Ambassador for BKash

Congratulations to our very own Sub Executive body member Sameer Taher on becoming the Campus Ambassador for Bkash, one of the top Mobile Financial Services (MFS). NSU YES! couldn’t...
January 20, 2016

NSU YES! Unveils New Logo

In the journey of advancement, evaluation is crucial. Embracing the legacy of NSUYES! We are proud to unveil our new logo, a stepping stone in the path of excellence.
January 20, 2016

Best Club Award

NSU YES! Is honored to have been chosen by Excellence Bangladesh as one of the best university clubs. We are very proud of all our members for their devoted...
January 20, 2016

XCEED Talent Ambassador

Arshad Chowdhury, one of our finest Sub-Executive Body Members is the XCEED Talent Ambassador of British American Tobacco, Bangladesh (BATB) in North South University. NSU YES! is proud to...


Admaker Bangadesh

“The Creative Fight” – Ad Maker Bangladesh, the country’s most hyped marketing competition, testing the participants’ capacity to put forth a complete Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns for explicit products.

Masters of ideation

“The Battle for Supremacy” – Masters of Ideation, a cross-country competition that brings together many participants from universities across Bangladesh, providing a sampling of the most basic sections of the corporate world, requiring an analysis of genuine business cases, preparing and precisely applying organized methodologies as required.


Entrepret aims at promoting entrepreneurship between the students, giving them the opportunity to grow their views into a solid reality through an innovative ladder leading the participants to take new possibilities into consideration and form revolutionary ideas.


NSUers Meet Corporate Icons (NMCI), masterminded solely for North South University undergraduates, is an in-house grooming session that integrates a seminar progression that overcomes communication barriers between NSU students and Bangladesh’s top business icons.

Corporate Insights

Corporate Insights is an online fundraiser event, to give back to the society and create a gateway for the youth with regard to current business requests & post-pandemic problems hosted by a section of the leading experts in the corporate sector.


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Youth and Entrepreneurship During COVID 19

The coronavirus pandemic has left the global economy quite vulnerable and Bangladesh is no exception to this. While many people were laid off by companies to manage the books, the lower and middle class people of our country were hit the hardest. Food crisis, unemployment, pay-cuts, reduction of remittance, transportation...

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