In this challenging time of a pandemic and global recession, North South University Young Entrepreneurs Society, better known as NSU YES! came up with an online interactive event called “Corporate Insights – thrive along change “. A series of insightful online sessions to satiate the queries and concerns of undergraduate students throughout the country.

The vision of the event was to aid the underprivileged portion of the society. By partnering with one of the finest Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) known as OBHIZATRIK FOUNDATION, we too worked with sheer diligence and bravery for the people who lost their jobs and also for the people who are affected by COVID-19. Exuberantly, they decided to affiliate with us and created a medium for our club to donate directly to the people struggling in this crisis.

Instantaneously, we were able to gather more than 300 people as audiences and collected a prodigious donation of 45000 BDT from the ‘Bangladesh Society of New Jersey’. We are grateful for their generous contribution to this noble initiative. We were able to achieve 80,000 BDT which helped more than 300 families.

The entire event was of four days and each speaker conducted one session which was unique and future-fit. Our speaker panel consisted of proficient leaders who transcend leadership and entrepreneurship across multiple countries. The topics were designed in such a way that a student will be able to comprehend futuristic skills, upcoming opportunities, managing startups to recruitment hacks. Each session would help the students to grasp the roadmap to success.

The event focused to instill greater purpose among the youth of Bangladesh, by creating a platform of learning, sanctioning a future-oriented workforce and catering to the needs of the suffering citizens of Bangladesh. Therefore, it bridged the benefits of students and the unprivileged to add greater value to the social welfare of our nation.