(Fiscal Year: 2020-21)


Abu Taher Mustafa Sameer


A charismatic leader of many talents, Mr. Sameer Taher has been taking NSU YES! by storm ever since he took his first step inside the club. Leaving benchmarks everywhere he goes, he takes every obstacle that is thrown his way in stride and has always been steadfast throughout his journey in NSU YES!

With the weight of a longstanding legacy on his shoulders, there could be no one more perfect as the President of NSU YES! than the man who wants the best of both worlds.


General Secretary


Mr. Shihabuzzaman possesses an incredibly unique mindset that enables him to be constantly hungry, no matter how many times he is knocked down. Although he values failures more than victories, he holds a lion’s share of victories in his young age.

This highly intelligent and ‘undisputed’ talent is a role model for everyone at NSU YES! along with his unmatched sense of professionalism and work ethic. He is the perfect example of a leader who leads by example.


(Marketing & International Communications)

Md. Arshadul Islam Chowdhury


“Integrity always drives to enlighten the core values of an individual” – is the motto that Md. Arshadul Islam Chowdhury lives by and rigorously believes in. His unique personality and aptitude made him the only individual from North South University who organized and broke all the previous records of participation for the top-tier Global Talent Engagement Platform, Battle of Minds. As he possesses the identity of being the XCEED Talent Ambassador of BAT Bangladesh. Even during student life, he has stepped into supporting as the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at North South University for over a year now. Mr. Arshad has participated in a total of 28 prodigious National and International Business Competitions so far, where he successfully earned his name. His record of contribution to NSU YES! is equally as long as his ECA’s. 

He has always been professional and determined to get his work done within a specific time. NSU YES! is proud and honored to have such ever-so zealous, diligent, and visionary leader.


(Public Relations)
Maksudur Rahman


Mr. Maksudur Rahman, with his driven attitude and vivacious personality will surely turn heads when he speaks up. He is one true meticulous and determined soul who has been working for NSU YES! relentlessly from day one. If life is an experience-filled journey, he is never prepared to rest. Despite being a true family-man and an full-fledged entrepreneur, he never allowed YES! to descend on his level of priorities.

Using the dedication this humble individual has showcased in building his empire, he envisions spearheading the brand value of NSU YES! to uncharted territories.


(Corporate Communications)
Vice President (Corporate Communications)


Mr. Sifat Khan , with his sophisticated demeanor, has a way of motivating others in the form of an art. Having the capability to calculate risks rationally on his feet & crunching solutions to critical problems; he is indispensable to NSU YES! His critiques are backed up by his unwavering support to complete tasks to perfection.

As an aspiring Economist, he has set his sights on solving some of the most challenging economic crises of our generation. For NSU YES!, He is that path-maker that always has an exquisite perspective to every situation.


(Internal Affairs)

Vice President (Internal Affairs)


This individual has been the go-to person for negotiations since the very beginning. He has always been a silent helping hand protecting and guiding his juniors while following orders with great precision from his seniors. Moreover, his attributes and talent come in multiple variations and none of them can go unnoticed. He is the glue that holds his friends, his colleagues, and the club bonded together. 

He is indeed a silent observer but a strict decision-maker. He is none other than, our very own, Mr. Mohammad Sadman Sakib.



Joint Secretary (Operations)


They say hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. But what if someone with talent pushes his own limits and goes above and beyond to work hard? In YES! We have someone who belongs to that unique category. He is none other than the Joint Secretary (Operations), Fahad Masum Joy. 

Multitasking is an understatement when he is in motion. Never backing down from any responsibility no matter how arduous it is, is one of the key ideas that has helped him carve his foothold on the peak that he stands atop now.


Chowdhury Fariha Tasnim


”Focused, Fierce & Fabulous” – are the perfect three words to describe this boss lady, who is a headstrong hustler and a steadfast individual. No matter what, she never fails to give out a helping hand. With her firm visionary leadership and conscientious values, she surely is here to make a statement of her own while reaching the skies with excellence. 

NSU YES! is immensely proud to have Ms. Chowdhury Fariha Tasnim on board and sending out the heartiest congratulations on becoming the Treasurer.