Previous Advisors

Exceptional in their own rights, NSU YES! pays homage to these extraordinary individuals that helped shape the very pedestal the club stands on today. We remember their graceful guidance with the most utmost respect.

Fiscal year 2017-2018

Mohammed Alim, President

Mohammed Alim

Alvi Ehsan, Vice President - External Affairs

Alvi Ehsan

Vice President – External Affairs
Ifaz Mahmud, Vice President (Logistics _ Resources)

Ifaz Mahmud

Vice President
(Logistics & Resources)

Atif Iktidar, Joint Secretary (Internal Affairs)

Atif Iktidar

Joint Secretary
(Internal Affairs)
Asif Imtiaz, Joint Secretary (Marketing _ Branding)

Asif Imtiaz

Joint Secretary
(Marketing & Branding)

Maeesha Arefin, Joint Secretary (Publication _ MDP)

Maeesha Arefin

Joint Secretary
(Publication & MDP)

Tanhim Ahmed, General Secretary

Tanhim Ahmed

General Secretary
Zubaer Ahmed, Treasurer

Zubaer Ahmed


Fiscal year 2016-2017

Aurthima Naznoor, Vice President - External Affairs

Aurthima Naznoor

Vice President-External Affairs
Fahim Abrar, President

Fahim Abrar


Farhana Shahnaz, Treasurer

Farhana Shahnaz

Syed Rehan Ahmed, General Secretary

Syed Rehan Ahmed

General Secretary
Zardar Rafid Sayeed, Vice President - Internal Affairs

Zardar Rafid Sayeed

Vice President – Internal Affairs

Fiscal year 2015-2016

MD. Mobasshir Aakif Chowdhury, Vice President - Logistics _ resources

MD. Mobasshir Aakif

Vice President
– Logistics & resources

Mohammad Raafiul Hasan, President

Mohammad Raafiul

Nuhin Yousra, Vice President - External Affairs

Nuhin Yousra

Vice President
– External Affairs
Rezwan Ahmed, General Secretary

Rezwan Ahmed

General Secretary
Tanjir Bin Jamil, Joint Secretary

Tanjir Bin Jamil

Joint Secretary